Ideas for domains

Getting the right Domain

Register a Domain

Cheapest method of aquiring a domain but you may have to put some work into it to get a good one!

Main ways of finding suitable name that is available to register are;

  • Prefix word before your keyword e.g. my<keyword>
  • Suffix word after your keyword e.g. <keyword>
  • Add Geographic word to keyword such as Uk or County or City etc
  • Use your name or part of it
  • Have a mis-spelling of a word e.g. replace s with z
  • Add a colour to your keyword
  • Use two words together that dont usually go together

Catch a Domain

Finding Domains that are going to expire and hoping they are not renewed.

Best to use a domain catching company that will try to capture it within 1 second of it becoming available to register again.

Consider using for .eu domain capturing.

Buy a Domain

That is what we hope to provide you with a suitable domain.

There are many other sites that sell domains and feel free to try them out.

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