FAQ's :
Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the FAQ's brought up so far, should you have some questions not covered below please contact us.

Q. Can I still use my current .de (german website address) domain? A. Yes. You can still use your .de website and email addresses but you may consider doing a redirect to your .eu site with a 301 redirect. Q. What is annual cost of ownership? A. There are no hiden costs. But your eu registrar will advise what the annual charge is and it is typically less than €10 per year. Q. Is the sale and transfer process quick? A. Yes. From when the money received, the domain is typically in your ownership and control within 24 hours. Q. What are IDN eu domains names? A. They are domains that contain a letter or letters that are a none standard character e.g. Á rather than A

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